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Hadoop Accelerator

In-Memory Plug-n-Play Hadoop Accelerator.

IGFS and Hadoop accelerator are to be discontinued soon: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/IGNITE-11942

Contact the Ignite community for alternate solutions. Some of the solutions will be documented later.‚Äč

Apache Ignite Hadoop Accelerator provides a set of components allowing for in-memory Hadoop job execution and file system operations.


Hadoop Accelerator ships with alternate high-performant implementation of job tracker which replaces standard Hadoop MapReduce. Use it to boost your Hadoop MapReduce job execution performance.

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IGFS - In-Memory FileSystem

Hadoop Accelerator ships with an implementation of Hadoop FileSystem which stores file system data in-memory using distributed Ignite File System (IGFS). Use it to minimize disk IO and improve performance of any file system operations.

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Secondary File System

Hadoop Accelerator ships with an implementation of SecondaryFileSystem. This implementation can be injected into existing IGFS allowing for read-through and write-through behavior over any other Hadoop FileSystem implementation (e.g. HDFS). Use it if you want your IGFS to become an in-memory caching layer over disk-based HDFS or any other Hadoop-compliant file system.

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Supported Hadoop Distributions

Apache Ignite Hadoop Accelerator can be used with a number of Hadoop distributions. Each distribution may require specific installation steps.
See the following installation guides for more information:

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Hadoop Accelerator

In-Memory Plug-n-Play Hadoop Accelerator.

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