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Hadoop FileSystem Cache

Delegate operations to another file system.

IGFS and Hadoop accelerator are to be discontinued soon: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/IGNITE-11942

Contact the Ignite community for alternate solutions. Some of the solutions will be documented later.‚Äč

Ignite Hadoop Accelerator contains implementation of IGFS secondary file system IgniteHadoopIgfsSecondaryFileSystem which allows read-through and write-through for any Hadoop FileSystem implementation.

To use the secondary file system specify it in IGFS configuration or in your Java source code:

<bean class="org.apache.ignite.configuration.FileSystemConfiguration">
  <property name="secondaryFileSystem">
    <bean class="org.apache.ignite.hadoop.fs.IgniteHadoopIgfsSecondaryFileSystem">
      <constructor-arg value="hdfs://myHdfs:9000"/>                            
FileSystemConfiguration fileSystemCfg = new FileSystemConfiguration();
IgniteHadoopIgfsSecondaryFileSystem hadoopFileSystem = new IgniteHadoopIgfsSecondaryFileSystem("hdfs://myHdfs:9000");

By default, Apache Ignite will not have Hadoop libraries in the classpath during an Apache Ignite node startup. If you decide to use HDFS as a secondary file system then you have to follow these steps in advance:

  1. Use "Apache Ignite Hadoop Accelerator" edition of Ignite distribution (use -Dignite.edition=hadoop if you're building the distribution by yourself).

  2. Set HADOOP_HOME environment variable before starting an Apache Ignite node if you're using Apache Hadoop distribution. If you use some other Hadoop distribution (HDP, Cloudera, BigTop, etc.) make sure that /etc/default/hadoop file exists and has appropriate content.

See respective Ignite installation guide for your Hadoop distribution for details.

Alternatively, you can manually add necessary Hadoop dependencies to Ignite node classpath: these are dependencies of groupId "org.apache.hadoop" listed in file modules/hadoop/pom.xml. Currently they are the following:

  • hadoop-annotations
  • hadoop-auth
  • hadoop-common
  • hadoop-hdfs
  • hadoop-mapreduce-client-common
  • hadoop-mapreduce-client-core

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Hadoop FileSystem Cache

Delegate operations to another file system.

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